Established in July 2019, Madlove is the brainchild of artist & designer Ross Davidson, a Kiwi visual artist and designer with an extensive background in visual communication and design. Frustrated with the bland and often meaningless design that often prevades the marketing world, Ross is determined to inject more pizzazz and passion into business’s day to day communications.

Over the last 20 plus years, Ross has developed his own distinct brand of contemporary design and imagery which aims elevate the audience using such principles as vibrancy, honesty, balance, simplicity and perhaps most importantly love or positivity.

A definite people person, Ross aims to build a strong relation with his clients, asking all the right questions and working hard to understand the clients business. A highly creative and articulate individual, Ross offers those needing to refresh their imagery and identity with strong art direction.

With strong, succinct and truly contemporary visual imagery and copywriting, Ross hopes to help your business rise above the competition with strong and confident branding and communication, creating goodwill with good old fashioned positivity.