Photography is without a doubt my first love. For 25 years I have been avidly wandering around the planet taking endless photographs of anything that catches my eye. Be it capturing peoples emotions, an interesting street scene or landscape or some object of beauty and interest, there is nothing I love more than capturing it on my camera and then enhancing it on the computer.

While most definitely my images are highly expressive and artistic, I am also a master of the black and white genre, as well as leaving images in a more raw, untouched state when appropriate. As with graphic design, before I venture out to do a shoot for a client, I do deep research around the client to gain a better understanding of the imageries context and preferred direction.

Thanks to digital technology, I take a lot of shots on a shoot and screen out and select only the very best shots from the day. This high work rate ensures that imagery selected is only the crème of a very large crop.